Composing Teen Numbers with Legos

Working with students to compose teen numbers can be tricky.  I love getting my students engaged in learning through Legos.  What kid can resist working with Legos?  Uh, none!  So I came up with this lesson to practice composing teen numbers.  I use this activity in small group or it could be used as a math center.  If you have enough Legos you could even teach it whole group.

I used 2 x 4 bricks, but any size would work.  I pulled two colors so we could use one color for the tens and one color for the ones.  For the activity the student flips over 1 of the included teen number Lego cards. The student makes the number shown with their Legos.  When a student has 10 ones (loose Lego bricks) they connect them into a ten.  I had my students put a mini fig on top of the ten they built.  They were really motivated to make a ten so they could put their mini fig on it.  Ha!

Once they built their ten the students lined the ones up separately next to it.  I used post it notes to label the tens and ones.  The students then   wrote the number they made on the worksheet.    I had students use markers to write their   numbers.  They used the same 2 colors they   were using for the Lego bricks.  This student   used a red marker to write the number in the   tens spot and a yellow marker to write the   number in the ones spot. 
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