Easter Eggs in October? Say What?

So excited about this fun activity!  I can't wait until Thursday when I will put this plan into action.

This week we have our field trip to the pumpkin patch, and my kids are super excited!!!  I know I have to bring my A game if I have any hope of any actual learning taking place.  

We are reading, "Get the Egg!" From Reading Street this week and my little firsties need some eggstra  sequencing practice.  See what I did there?  Ha ha.  

Honestly, this story was pretty ho hum for me so I really wanted to jazz it up.  I decided I would have my kids play a game called, "Get the Egg". I know, very clever game name.  

I chose 4 main points of the story and one of my awesome parent volunteers wrote them on plastic easter egg halves.  She made 12 sets of 4 eggs.  I will scatter the eggs around the classroom prior to starting the activity.  

The students will work in pairs to "Go Get the Eggs!"  Each pair will need to find 4 different events from the story.  Once they have collected their 4 events, they will work together to put them in order.  

Nothing says "FUN" like an indoor egg hunt in October.  

Eeek! Spider Facts!

Last week my firsties tackled complete sentences.  We have discussed how sentences start with uppercase letters, end with a period and words are 1 finger space apart.  It was time to see if they could apply these skills during independant work time.

I have been dying to use Amy and Katie's Rooted in Reading October edition .  I had the chance to work with spider texts during small group time.  I actually used leveled readers from Reading A to Z so every student had a spider text at their reading level. 

Towards the end of the week, after we had interacted with their text several times, I paired the students up so everyone was paired with a buddy that had a different spider book.  The pairs were tasked with reading their book to their buddy and both buddies hunted in the texts for spider facts.  They wrote their spider facts in complete sentences and made the accompanying spider craftivity.  I never thought I would use adorable and spiders in the same sentence, but these spiders are adorable!!!!   Most importantly my firsties have mastered the elements of a complete sentence.  Win-Win!

Pigs in Wigs Cuteness

My firsties loved making these Pigs in Wigs.  It was the perfect craftivity to teach plot.   If you need this cuteness you can find it here!

Number Partner Fun!

I am completely in LOVE with Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills Guiding Firsties Math Workshop activities.  My school uses the Math Expressions curriculum and I have been able to integrate this workshop model into my math block.  We used this activity for partner work as we were learning the break aparts for 10.  I used some Halloween erasers from the Target Dollar Spot (Holla!) My littles loved this and had so much fun.  I am hoping I am able to integrate their other units as the year goes on, fingers crossed.

Pig in a Wig Fun!

Last week my firsties read and worked with the story, "A Pig in a Wig."  Our Big Question for the week was, "Who Helps Animals?"  Firsties LOVE this topic and fancy themselves little animal experts.   We had a ton of fun with our K-W-L as we revisited this question throughout the week.  Somehow our K-W-L didn't quite match up with what the teacher's manual suggested, but that's how we roll in Room 6.   We also made the pig you can see in the corner (from the Glyph  Girls) when we wrapped the story up.  They were adorable!  You may be asking yourself why I didn't post that picture if they were so cute.  Well.... I'll be honest.  I wasn't deliberate enough in my teaching of tail placement.  I'm sure you can imagine what that bulletin board would have looked like.  Let's just say, I sent those pigs home as soon as they were dry.  Lesson LEARNED!

Self Portraits

I LOVE LOVE LOVE self portraits made by my littles.  They always make me smile.  That is why I make their self portraits a focal point of my classroom.  I just feel happy when I see them and I know the kids enjoy them too.  This year I used them to jazz up my cabinet doors and I just love how they turned out, don't you?

Character and Setting and Butcher Paper Oh My!

My little firsties have been working with Character and Setting this week.  Most of my kiddos were already familiar with these elements, but we needed a review.  I started the lesson with a large anchor chart.   We went over the terms as a class and came up with student friendly definitions.  I then told my students that they needed to go back to their seats and look UNDER their chair for a special picture.  This was hilarious.  They just couldn't understand why I would tell them to look under their chair.  Ha Ha.  Finally they all started getting under their chairs and pulling out the pictures I had taped there.  Each student either had a character or a setting.  I pulled images from google for this.  We then reconvened at the carpet as we decided where each picture belonged on our anchor chart.  My littles LOVED this activity.

The next day I decided to do some teamwork as a review for character and setting.  I found this fun post from Rulin' the Roost.  I gave each table a large sheet of butcher paper, character setting cards from Rulin' the Roost and let them decide how to sort them.  They had such a fun time working on this and they all did a marvelous job.  One of the easiest ways to make a lesson rock is to give kids big sheets of paper.  It's the little things people.

Blogger MIA

Wow!  I start a blog and then slack on my posting duties.  Yikes!  I'm not off to a great blogger start.  In my defense, my son started playing high school football and that has become like a second job. On top of starting the school year, switching grades and now becoming a "football mom"  my time to blog has been sparse.   Plus, my Little Miss S was asked to appear on the Steve Harvey Show.  Wow!  That was right as the beginning of the school year and kinda threw me for a loop.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity though and it was AMAZING.  She was on the show to promote eye exams for school age kids.   I'm back in the saddle now and have lots of fun activities to share with you as we ROCK first grade.
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