Easter Eggs in October? Say What?

So excited about this fun activity!  I can't wait until Thursday when I will put this plan into action.

This week we have our field trip to the pumpkin patch, and my kids are super excited!!!  I know I have to bring my A game if I have any hope of any actual learning taking place.  

We are reading, "Get the Egg!" From Reading Street this week and my little firsties need some eggstra  sequencing practice.  See what I did there?  Ha ha.  

Honestly, this story was pretty ho hum for me so I really wanted to jazz it up.  I decided I would have my kids play a game called, "Get the Egg". I know, very clever game name.  

I chose 4 main points of the story and one of my awesome parent volunteers wrote them on plastic easter egg halves.  She made 12 sets of 4 eggs.  I will scatter the eggs around the classroom prior to starting the activity.  

The students will work in pairs to "Go Get the Eggs!"  Each pair will need to find 4 different events from the story.  Once they have collected their 4 events, they will work together to put them in order.  

Nothing says "FUN" like an indoor egg hunt in October.  

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