Animal Fact Fun

One universal fact is that first graders love animals!  Love!  I knew the story, "Animal Park" would be hit with my group of animal lovers.  I wanted to channel some of that enthusiasm into a research writing activity.

I also came across these amazing reading street supplemental units on TPT by Lendahand's Printables.  I chose to use one of the close reading activities provided in the unit.  I blew the page up to 11x17 on the copy machine.  I knew the big paper would really get my crew excited and they would know this was a "serious" research assignment.

The students buddy read, "Animal Park" and put a sticky note on their favorite animal.  Once they chose their favorite animal they wrote one fact about their animal and illustrated their fact on the 11x17 sheet.  I mounted the "research reports" on colored construction paper and they make an awesome hallway display.  The kids love reading each others animal facts.

Get the Egg!!

I told you I would be back with an explanation for Easter Eggs in October.  I am happy to report that the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and I am sure your firsties will too.  I teach reading first thing in the morning so I had the all the eggs placed around the room prior to the students arriving.  Of course, the eggs were spotted right away and the kids were SUPER excited to find out what they would be used for.

We reviewed our anchor chart on sequencing and I told the students that they would be buddy reading, "Get the Egg!"  I told them to pay attention to the order of events as they read with their buddy.

Once they finished buddy reading the story I had the students gather at the carpet.  I explained that they would be working with their partner to find 4 eggs that had 4 different events from the story.  They could only have one partner hunting at a time and then they switched places.  It worked out great with 4 eggs to find.

Once they had their 4 eggs they had to put them in order.  I came around and checked the sequence.  If their sequence was correct they were able to move on the eggs and nest craftivity.  They needed to copy the sentences on the eggs and put them in the nest in order.  Next time I do this I would copy the eggs on blue so that they would match the eggs in the story! Duh!  My kiddos loved this and they turned out so cute.

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