Needs vs. Wants Santa Fun

This is our last week before Christmas break and my kiddos know it.  They are soooooo excited.  This week we are writing our letters to Santa so I decided a lesson in needs vs. wants was in order.  I found {this adorable activity from The First Grade Parade} and I just knew we had to do it.
I started the activity by opening my Santa sack and pulling out a variety of objects.  We talked about whether they were needs or wants.  After we did that we sorted a few clip art pictures onto our needs and wants Santa sacks.  The kiddos really enjoyed this.  Finally, I gave them 2 index cards to draw and label 1 need and 1 want.  
We reviewed all the needs and wants together before I turned them loose to fill out the graphic organizer.  You can download the graphic organizer {here} for FREE.  

The kids were finally ready to choose 1 need and 2 wants for their Santa letter.   We turned on some Pandora Christmas music and the kids got right to work.  They are very serious about their Santa letters.  I just love these.

We will write our final copy tomorrow with a craftivity from Amy Lemons.  I can't

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