Hopping Into Place Value!

My kiddos are loving the place value activities from Regan Tunstall's Guided Math Place Value Unit.  I have been using her activities in my math workshop and the kids LOVE them.  I use Math Expressions as my primary resource because it is our district adopted curriculum.  Math Expressions doesn't lend itself to small group intervention as well as Regan's units do.  It takes a bit of prep work to match the unit activities up but it is well worth it.  For this activity we are adding 10 and taking away 10.  I thought it would be way more fun to make our number lines on the playground.  My daughter has an over abundance of sidewalk chalk so it was easy for every student to have their own chalk.  We made number lines that started at 10 and went up to 120 by 10's.  I started by calling out a number and they would jump to it on their own personal number line.  Then I would say add 20.  They would jump ahead 2 and we would all shout out what number we were on.  When the kids were really good at adding 10's I started having them subtract 10's.  Finally I started mixing addition and subtraction together.  They did a fantastic job.

Activities for Small Group Reading

I just finished up a worksheet to go with the advanced passage for "The Class Pet" in Reading Street.  I wanted something more than just the discussion piece.  These kiddos are ready to take things up a notch so I included a Main Idea and Details activity to accompany the selection.  I also added a piece for the students to write their own sentences for the vocabulary words.  I usually do this with my second graders and it is always a challenge.  I am hoping that by starting them with my advanced readers in first grade it will be much easier next year (I loop my kiddos up to second next year).  I will try this tomorrow and let you know how it goes.  If you want to try it with your firsties you can get the worksheet for free from my TpT shop {here}.

Place Value Play

Last weekend we went to the Lego store.  That pick-a- brick wall gets me every.single.time!  I have never ever been able to walk away without adding to my classroom Lego supply.  Never.  Last weekend I saw these little green Legos and immediately thought they would make fantastic ten sticks.  They go together in a way that you can easily see the 10 ones that make up the 10 stick.  Plus, I get a cool Lego cup to keep them in.  Win-Win.  I decided to pair these Legos with Cara Carroll's Scoop and Sort activity from her Place Value Packet of  Fun.  The kids loved it.  I used this as one of our math rotations and had a parent volunteer helping the kids.  They scooped up some of the Legos with a small cup and sorted them into tens and ones.  I had them stick the ten sticks and ones onto small Lego bases.  They filled out their scoop and sort sheet as they went.  I know we will be doing this again.  It was definitely a hit.

Bee Compare and Contrast

This week we worked on the story, "Honeybees" from Reading Street.  Our comprehension skill was compare and contrast and that can be tricky for first grade.  We did this venn diagram after our shared reading.  Before we began reading and discussing the story together I showed the students the Envision It video from the Pearson Interactive Digital Path to set the purpose for our reading.  The students knew we would be contrasting bees to people after we read the story.  They were very engaged during our reading/discussion and were ready to complete the venn diagram.  They had a great time comparing people to bees and of course they came up with things I would not have thought of.  After we completed our diagram the kiddos made this quick bee craftivity that can be found for free right {here}.  I had no idea I would enjoy working with this story so much.  My littles just loved all our activities for the week.

Honey Bee Informative Writing

We were able to work on our Informative Bee writing this week.  My little animal lovers had such a fun time learning and writing all about bees.  After they read the story, "Honey Bees" from Reading Street they were given a graphic organizer to record facts about bees.  I also had students reading a variety of bee books during our small group reading time.  It was during our small group time that I was really able to assist students in filling out their graphic organizers.  Which, of course, I didn't take a picture of.  It is included in my honey bee informative writing packet though.  Once the students had 6 facts written down they chose their favorite 3 facts and we turned that into a paragraph.  I think my little firsties did a fantastic job.

Contraction Surgery Success

Pinterest is full of amazing contraction surgery ideas so this is definitely not an original idea on my part.  I wanted my firsties to really understand the concept of what a contraction is.  So, they needed to perform surgery on some words.  I wanted them to concretely understand that letters are taken away in order to make the contraction.  The kiddos got to wear gloves, surgical masks and were equipped with bandaids of every shape and color.  I also had some washi tape on hand in case we ran out of bandaids.  The washi tape worked really well and nobody was disappointed when they ran out of bandaids.  Yay!!  I always strive to have tear free lessons (mine or theirs)!
Each pair of students had a "patient list" which was a set of words and the contractions they make.  They looked at each bone and decided which letters needed to be removed.  The bandaids were used in place of the apostrophe's.  They LOVED this.  They have asked several times if we can do it again.  Ha Ha!  I call that a win.

Silly Sentence Fun!

My kiddos are working on identifying nouns in sentences.  I thought it would be fun to implement this Silly Sentence Station I found on Wild About Firsties    
blog.  It was definitely a hit during our Daily 5 time.  Students choose a card from each pocket chart and put them together into a silly sentence.  Prior to turning them loose on this daily I modeled how to turn the words and phrases from "caveman talk" into complete sentences.  There are several recording sheets to choose from.  I put out 2 different recording sheets and 8 cards at a time.  I plan to rotate new cards and recording sheets to keep this activity fresh.  My kids loved this and they wrote some hysterical sentences.

Ruby in Her Own Time, Sequencing and Tears

I just finished a sequencing activity for Reading Street's, "Ruby in Her Own Time."  Working on this activity provided me with my first chance to sit down and read this story.  I got a little teary reading it when the momma duck asks about Ruby flying off and Dad tells her that she will come back "in her own time."  Honestly??!!  Tears came to my eyes.  Please tell me I'm not the only one!!  Anywhoos I just finished up this little sequencing freebie that you can find {here}.

Reading Street Decodables!

I am on a roll with these decodables.  Yay.  I had planned to work in my classroom today, but the snow threw that plan out the window.  I decided to get a jump start on more decodable readers for the story, "Ruby in Her Own Time."  You can grab yours for FREE right {here}.
I would love to hear how these work in your classroom!

More FREE Reading Street Decodables for First Grade

I just finished up the decodables for, "A Place to Play."  You can get them for free {here}.  Each decodable has phonics and comprehension practice.  My kids love these. They work great whole group, small group, buddies, parent volunteers or homework.  Please let me know if you find these useful in your classroom.

Reading Street, A Place to Play and Sequencing

I'm getting ready to take our sequencing skills up a notch when we get back from Winter Break.  I hope my kiddos are ready!!!  We have done a lot with cutting and pasting story events in order.  I thought it would be fun to extend the cut and paste sequencing into a writing activity.   I don't plan to do them on the same day though!  Yikes.  I made this little cut and paste activity to go with our Reading Street story, "A Place to Play."   I am hoping that the following day we will be able to turn the sequencing sentences into a writing piece using transitional words.  I am planning on doing this whole group for awhile.  If you are interested in trying this activity with your class you can grab it for free {here} from my TpT store.  I would love to hear how it worked in your class.

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