Place Value Play

Last weekend we went to the Lego store.  That pick-a- brick wall gets me every.single.time!  I have never ever been able to walk away without adding to my classroom Lego supply.  Never.  Last weekend I saw these little green Legos and immediately thought they would make fantastic ten sticks.  They go together in a way that you can easily see the 10 ones that make up the 10 stick.  Plus, I get a cool Lego cup to keep them in.  Win-Win.  I decided to pair these Legos with Cara Carroll's Scoop and Sort activity from her Place Value Packet of  Fun.  The kids loved it.  I used this as one of our math rotations and had a parent volunteer helping the kids.  They scooped up some of the Legos with a small cup and sorted them into tens and ones.  I had them stick the ten sticks and ones onto small Lego bases.  They filled out their scoop and sort sheet as they went.  I know we will be doing this again.  It was definitely a hit.

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