Reading Street, A Place to Play and Sequencing

I'm getting ready to take our sequencing skills up a notch when we get back from Winter Break.  I hope my kiddos are ready!!!  We have done a lot with cutting and pasting story events in order.  I thought it would be fun to extend the cut and paste sequencing into a writing activity.   I don't plan to do them on the same day though!  Yikes.  I made this little cut and paste activity to go with our Reading Street story, "A Place to Play."   I am hoping that the following day we will be able to turn the sequencing sentences into a writing piece using transitional words.  I am planning on doing this whole group for awhile.  If you are interested in trying this activity with your class you can grab it for free {here} from my TpT store.  I would love to hear how it worked in your class.


  1. I am not able to find the sequencing for A Place to Play. Do you have still have this? Thanks

    1. I do still have it. I just made it active again in my TpT shop. The link should work now.


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