More Reading Street Decodable Readers

Thank you so much for all the positive comments.  I love hearing how you are using these in your classrooms.  I am currently working on Unit 4 and 5.  I will post them at my TpT shop as I finish them.  Please follow my TpT store so you are notified when I post the new decodables.

My kiddos are loving these and I can't believe how good they are getting at doing them independently.  I do still do decodable 'a' whole group, decodable 'b' with partners and decodable 'c' independently and I can use to asses.  You can grab this set for "Mama's Birthday Present" {here}.

Big Dice!!

Is there anything better than huge dice?!  I have been on a dice quest lately.  Please tell me I'm not the only whack a doodle that obsesses over the perfect manipulative?  I recently added the smallest dice in the world to my math game rotation.  The kids went crazy!!  So, I decided the only thing better than the tiniest dice in the world would be the biggest dice in the world and voila a new quest was born.  It took me awhile and then I found them at Hobby Lobby of all places.  Yay!!  The kids had a blast.

March Writing

I just finished giving my March Writing Unit a facelift!!  I can't wait to get started on these activities next week.  Can you believe we are already planning St. Patrick's Day fun?  You find this packet {here}.  I will post some pictures of my kiddos in action once we get started.

If you're feeling lucky you can enter to win one of these units below!   You can get multiple entries by liking me on FB and following my TpT store.  Good Luck!!

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St. Patrick's Day Writing Paper

I just finished updating my St. Patrick's Day writing paper.  I added a another page and much better clip art!!  You can grab it free in my TpT store {here}.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I REALLY dislike mice.  I mean REALLY REALLY hate them.  I'm the jump on the counter and wait for hours for someone to rescue me person (Yep! That's happened!) I have no shame in my game.  Mice scare the bejeezus out of me.  You can imagine my horror as I prepared for our story this week and had to read all about mice.  Mice as a class pet no less.  That's what I need, 6 year olds thinking we need a mouse.  Uh! No!  I really needed to turn this around.  So I decided we would focus on mice facts and I would throw in a dash of my opinion.  The kids loved it.  I'm a little worried that they took so much joy in finding out how I reacted to the sight of mice.  I may regret that come April Fool's. 

I started this research project by having the students look through our story and find 3 interesting facts about mice.   They each recorded their facts on the graphic organizer.  We worked together to generate topic sentences.  Day 2 the students used their graphic organizer to write their 'Facts About Mice' research paper.  After they finished their writing the students made the cute mouse craftivity.   I admit, the bulletin board did look cute (even if mice are icky)!  You can find this activity in my TpT store {here}.

R controlled er, ir and ur

These are some seriously tricky sounds!  I knew I needed to really engage my firsties when introducing these sounds.  I spent way too much time scouring Pinterest, TpT and just good old fashioned googling.  And then it finally happened!! I found the perfect activity!!  Don't you love it when you have that Eureka moment?  I knew this activity was exactly what my kiddos needed.  The best part was that it was FREE!!  Free?  I couldn't believe it.   I quickly downloaded everything because I was pretty sure the free part was a mistake.  If you need some bossy r fun you must check this activity out right {here}.
It is just so cute.  You get a letter from the ir, ur, er triplets.  I chose 3 kids to wear a headband to represent each triplet (headband in packet for FREE).  The students than sorted word cards to the correct "leadER."  We then sorted the words onto the cape shaped anchor charts.  Now that the students were ir, ur and er experts they got to make a super hero mask to show off their new power (yep, FREE in packet).  With their masks affixed to their super smiley faces they were tasked with locating the ir, er, ur in the hide and find activity and sort them on the recording sheet (again..FREE in the packet).  Yippee, now go grab the packet!

Frog and Toad Together

My little firsties are getting so awesome with their sequencing skills.  I attribute that to doing these little babies!  I normally teach second grade and sequencing is always a challenge.  Since I am looping this group up I decided to hit the sequencing hard and boy am I glad.  When I started doing these we did them whole group.  Now they do them during their buddy reading each week and it works out great.  You can grab this freebie {here}.

100 Day Awesomeness!

I just love the 100th day of school!  So many fun learning activities abound on TPT, Pinterest and Instagram.  I came across the idea of aging the students too 100 years old.  In the past I have had my kiddos rip paper to create a portrait of what they thought they would look like at 100 years old.  The ripped paper makes for a wonderful wrinkly effect.  But.....  Now I can age my kiddos with an app!!!  How awesome is that???  I took photos of my firsties and aged them all to 100 years old!  My plan is to make a bulletin board and they will guess who's who.  After that, I will use the photos in a class book.  I'm seriously loving this!! I think the missing teeth makes it even better.

Honey Bee Noun Search

Wow!  I was going through my camera roll and realized I didn't post this fun activity.  Well, better late than never!  I used this activity when my firsties read the story, "Honey Bees" from Reading Street.  They worked with a partner to locate nouns in the story.  The kiddos really loved the illustration part for some reason.  You can grab this freebie {here}

Bossy R!

Bossy R can be so tricky for firsties.  Last week we were working on the Bossy R with /o/ words as in -or and -ore.  I really wracked my brain trying to come up with something clever that would get my kiddos excited for these tricky words.  I finally decided to go with a sport activity because I knew my class loves sports and that would be one of their favorite -or words.

I started the lesson by having my students watch this Annie Prankster video from "The Electric Company" on youtube:  They really seemed to enjoy the video.  We talked about how adding an /r/ can change vowel sounds.  I explained that they would be working with a buddy to sort some words according to the bossy r.  They were super excited to get started on this and they did a great job.  Next, I had the class tell me some bossy r words to add to our anchor chart.  They could use the words that they just sorted, but they had to use a bossy voice when they told me their word.  What kid doesn't love bossing the teacher around?  Ha!  We came up with a great anchor chart and the kidletts were ready to get to the independent task.

Each student was given 6 pentagons and they needed to write 6 -or or -ore words (1 on each pentagon).  Once I checked their work I let them glue the pentagons down to make a soccer ball.  After their soccer ball was complete they made their player holding the ball.  I had the students accordion fold the arms so it would provide a more 3-D effect.  The kids went wild over this.  We chose to make our players Seattle Sounders!  I think they turned out ADORBS!  If you are interested in doing this activity with your class you can find it in my TpT shop {here}.  Everything you will need from the words for the word sort and patterns for the players is included in the TpT file.

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