Bossy R!

Bossy R can be so tricky for firsties.  Last week we were working on the Bossy R with /o/ words as in -or and -ore.  I really wracked my brain trying to come up with something clever that would get my kiddos excited for these tricky words.  I finally decided to go with a sport activity because I knew my class loves sports and that would be one of their favorite -or words.

I started the lesson by having my students watch this Annie Prankster video from "The Electric Company" on youtube:  They really seemed to enjoy the video.  We talked about how adding an /r/ can change vowel sounds.  I explained that they would be working with a buddy to sort some words according to the bossy r.  They were super excited to get started on this and they did a great job.  Next, I had the class tell me some bossy r words to add to our anchor chart.  They could use the words that they just sorted, but they had to use a bossy voice when they told me their word.  What kid doesn't love bossing the teacher around?  Ha!  We came up with a great anchor chart and the kidletts were ready to get to the independent task.

Each student was given 6 pentagons and they needed to write 6 -or or -ore words (1 on each pentagon).  Once I checked their work I let them glue the pentagons down to make a soccer ball.  After their soccer ball was complete they made their player holding the ball.  I had the students accordion fold the arms so it would provide a more 3-D effect.  The kids went wild over this.  We chose to make our players Seattle Sounders!  I think they turned out ADORBS!  If you are interested in doing this activity with your class you can find it in my TpT shop {here}.  Everything you will need from the words for the word sort and patterns for the players is included in the TpT file.

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