R controlled er, ir and ur

These are some seriously tricky sounds!  I knew I needed to really engage my firsties when introducing these sounds.  I spent way too much time scouring Pinterest, TpT and just good old fashioned googling.  And then it finally happened!! I found the perfect activity!!  Don't you love it when you have that Eureka moment?  I knew this activity was exactly what my kiddos needed.  The best part was that it was FREE!!  Free?  I couldn't believe it.   I quickly downloaded everything because I was pretty sure the free part was a mistake.  If you need some bossy r fun you must check this activity out right {here}.
It is just so cute.  You get a letter from the ir, ur, er triplets.  I chose 3 kids to wear a headband to represent each triplet (headband in packet for FREE).  The students than sorted word cards to the correct "leadER."  We then sorted the words onto the cape shaped anchor charts.  Now that the students were ir, ur and er experts they got to make a super hero mask to show off their new power (yep, FREE in packet).  With their masks affixed to their super smiley faces they were tasked with locating the ir, er, ur in the hide and find activity and sort them on the recording sheet (again..FREE in the packet).  Yippee, now go grab the packet!

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