American Girl Birthday Invites

I'm straying from the topic of teaching first graders to the topic of partying with first graders.  The pressure is REAL.  Little Miss S wants an American Girl Glam party this year for the big #7.  I have finally finished up the invitations and I am in LOVE!  I saw the idea to make a small invitation for the guest's doll as well and that just sent me over the edge of giddiness.  Since I was making the invitations I decided to just make a miniature version of the girl's invitation so they are identical.  I used envelopes from gift tags and mini clothespins from the Target dollar spot and Voila!  So cute.

Lego Race Cars

My afterschool lego club challenge this week was for the students to build a lego race car.  This is definitely one of the favorite challenges.  We got to try out the new 4 lane track and I would say it was a success.

Double Double Toil and Trouble

I finally found time to make these little cuties with my firsties.  We have been working so hard on learning our doubles facts that I wanted them to have a little extra fun by making this mathtivity.  Plus it provided another avenue to get those facts memorized.  I enjoyed listening to the 'double conversations' my kids were having as they worked on their doubles monster.  I must say they also make a darling display on our math bulletin board.  I found this activity {here}.

More Free Decodables for Reading Street

And.. again I apologize for the delay!!  I have finally finished up the decodable activities for Reading Street and I said these would be done 2 weeks ago.  All I can say is life happened.  I hope you can still use these in your classrooms.  You can get them free in my TpT shop {here}.

Mama's Birthday Present Sequencing

I just finished up another Reading Street sequencing activity.  My kiddos are loving these.  Honestly, I thought they would tire of them rather easily and was anticipating the need to mix it up soon.  I am shocked at the summaries my little firsties are writing.   You can grab the activity free from my TpT shop {here}.


We had a blast making oobleck during our celebration for Dr. Seuss' birthday.  I usually make oobleck with my second graders during our solids, liquids and gasses unit.  But... sometimes you have to mix it up and this was the perfect group of firsties to make oobleck with. They LOVED it!  Love may not be a strong enough word.  They thought I was a magician when I demonstrated the oobleck.  When I told them they would be making it-- well... lets just say, the crowd went WILD!!  I then got out our "Super Awesome Science Goggles" and it was ON!  What a super fun day.

Leprechaun Verb Review

I just love how this little leprechaun verb review turned out.  I am all about St. Patrick's day and was a wee bit anxious to do a leprechaun activity.  Ha!  So I kicked off our morning with a fun leprechaun story.  I followed the story by having a student come up to the front of the room.  I happened to have 1 boy wearing green so I chose him and introduced him as Leprechaun Larry.  I pretended that something wasn't quite right with Leprechaun Larry.  I moved him this way and that.  I finally made a grand Aha gesture and decided Leprechaun Larry was too tall and told him to get on his knees.  The kids roared at this.  Now, if I had my wits about me, I would have had a leprechaun hat to put on him as well.   At this point we generated a list of verbs that Leprechaun Larry could do.  They were all over this and came up with excellent verbs.  I wrote them all down on our anchor chart.  When we had a good list I sent the kids back to their seats armed with 5 flag post its.  They chose 5 verbs from our Leprechaun Larry chart and wrote one on each post it flag.  I then had them write 5 sentences, 1 for each verb.  They placed the word on the post it directly into their sentence.  I had them illustrate one sentence when they were done.  I think my firsties did a great job!!

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