American Girl Glam Party

I realize this is a blog to talk about teacher stuff but sometimes the teacher leaves the classroom.  I know, shocking.  When I leave my classroom I get to be mom and this mom is gearing up for Little Miss S' 7th birthday party.  I really didn't intend to make a million tutus for AG dolls over spring break, or create little salon shopping bags as party gifts, or create an AG Shirt Boutique!  This is what happens when your child's birthday falls right after Spring Break and you're a teacher.  Last year, SuperJump Zone-- this year an AG Glam Party.  I am blogging about it because I want to document this event.  I know there will come a sassy day in the teenager years, when I hear how terrible I am as a mother.  I want this post to serve as a reminder that one day waaaaaayyy back in 2016- I didn't suck!  So here's to not sucking for Little Miss S's Seventh Shindig.

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