Compare and Contrast

This week one of our reading skills for, "Dot and Jabber" is to compare and contrast.  We have touched on this skill throughout the year.  I was ready for my kiddos to hit it home.  So, we went with life size Venn diagrams via hula hoops.  I'm clearly a big believer that the bigger you go the better they'll learn it.  I keep seeing this theme as I look back at previous posts.  Well, whatever works right?  So I gathered the children around our Venn diagram and randomly chose 2 students with my handy dandy stick picker app (if you don't have that app you must).  Each student stood in one of the hoops and the class called out differences between the students.  I wrote these down on sticky notes and planned to lay them on the ground around the students.  But... when I handed the stickies to Miss K she started sticking them to her and I thought BRILLIANT!!  How cute is that and it really provides a much better visual.   I would say that they definitely have this concept down.

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