May the Fourth Be With You

Star Wars Day is TOMORROW!  My kiddos and I are so excited.  We even get to have it as a school spirit day so we all get to dress up too!!  Woo-Hoo!  I was feeling especially optimistic a couple of weeks ago and decided to see if we could get some Star Wars characters to visit our school and they said YES!!!!!!!!!!  My kids are seriously OVER.THE.MOON!!  Our school only has 1 hour with Darth Vader and Princess Leia so they will be doing quick classroom pop ins.  We decided to have each class ask 1 question of Princess Leia and 1 for Darth Vader.  I asked my kiddos to write their question on a post it note and we would choose a question as a class.  I was not prepared for the awesomeness of their questions.  I mean, WOW, first graders have some real points they ponder.  I enjoyed them all and I thought you might too.  Hopefully you get a chuckle from these too!

Questions for Darth Vader asked by First Graders
1.  Where do you get your clothes?
2.  When is the newest Star Wars movie coming out?
3.  Where do you live?
4.  Where do you get your light saber?
5.  Do you like the Rebels?
6.  Why do you wear a suit?
7.  Do you really hurt people?
8.  Where do you get your Dark Side clothes?
9.  Why do you like black?
10.  How did you get burnt?
11.  How old are you?
12.  What is your name?
13.  What do you like?
14.  Do you like being on the bad side?
15.  How old are you?
16.  Are you scary?
17.  How can you breathe?
18.  Why did you decide to be on the dark side?
19.  Why do you have to fight?
20.  Awesome!  (Not really a question, but worth noting).

Questions for Princess Leia
1.  How did you become the princess of the Rebels?
2.  Do you have a friend?
3.  Nice (again not a question, but important none the less)
4.  Why are you on the light side? (ha ha)
5.  Why do you like your hair?
6.  Where did you get the name Princess Leia?
7.  When is your birthday?
8.  How did you become a princess?
9.  How do you get your hair to do that?
10.  How long did it take to make "The Force Awakens?"
11.  Do you live in a palace?
12.  Do you live in the desert?
13.  How did you become a princess?
14.  Do you like Storm Troopers?
15.  Why do you have a weapon?
16.  Why do you have braids in your hair?
17.  Is it fun being on the good side?
18.  Do you have a castle?
19.  Are you pretty?
20.  How do you braid your hair?

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