Shark Week Vocabulary Fun

We completed Shark Week last week. I have been dying to try Rooted in Reading and wasn't sure how it would work with first graders and I do have a basal to work around.  Last week we had an "off week" meaning we didn't have a story to teach and we were reviewing skills from the reading unit.  This was the perfect time to try Rooted in Reading.  I used the shark activities from the May unit.  My kiddos LOVED it!!
They were really, really into learning the vocabulary.  I loved the flap book that was provided in the unit, but I decided to turn it into "Underwater Vocabulary".  I made the name  up spur of the moment, so it needs a little work.  I decided to have the kids write the sentences for their vocabulary words with white crayon on white paper.  Which of course they thought I was crazy to suggest.  After they all had their sentences written out I had them go over the entire page with blue watercolor (like the ocean-get it?)  When they saw their sentences 'pop' out they thought I was MAGIC.   I swear I heard a round of applause, but that might have been in my head.

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