Star Wars Directed Draw

I have become rather passionate about incorporating directed draws into my lessons when I can.  I thought Star Wars day would be a great opportunity for a directed draw.  But..............  I could not find any on TpT or from a Google search.  There was nothing out there, which really surprised me.  So... I thought.... I'll make one myself.  Which is terrifying.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  Art + Me = Disaster.  Plus, art with first graders would elicit honest commentary that I wasn't sure I could handle.  I decided I would jump in and if this part of the day went badly the kiddos would forget all about it in in their Yoda Soda haze and I could just quietly dispose of the evidence.  Guess what?  They turned out great.  I couldn't be prouder of these kids.   Yes, these yodas may resemble Shrek or The Grinch.  But, who cares?  We love them and that is all that matters.  What do you think?

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