Star Wars Legos

At my current rate of blogging I may have all my Star Wars posts up before next Star Wars Day- MAYBE!  I won't make any promises.  But... these ideas could be used at any time of the year not just Star Wars Day.  You could even use these at a Lego themed birthday party!!  I will say that this was definitely one of my favorite activities during Star Wars Day.  I gave each group of 3-4 kids a baggie containing a set of legos that I had taken out of a polybag.  Each group got the exact same set of legos, but nobody got the directions or a chance to see the polybag they came in.

I told the students that it was their mission to create a droid using ALL the legos in the baggie.  All the kids went to TOWN.  They loved it.  I will also add that each student in the group was actively participating.   Some students were thinking up ideas, others were building, some were separating-- they were all busy and working cooperatively.  LOVE THAT!

Star Wars Day Legos
Once all the droids had been completed, each group shared their droid with the class and explained what their droid could do and how they came up with their ideas.  Everyone was riveted to see all the different ideas that came out of the same set of legos.  When all the droids had been shared I showed them the polybag picture and they all felt that their droids were WAY better.  AWESOMENESS!

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