Angry Verbs!

I'm finally finding some time to pull my school photos off my phone!!  Eeekkk!   I realize this post is late, very late... let's think of it as "early"-early for next year.  The timing of this activity actually fell 2 weeks prior to the Angry Birds movie coming out.  See how long ago this was?!  I was looking for a fun way to review verbs and I found several activities on TpT and Pinterest for "Angry Verb" activities.  Which I really liked and then I stumbled across this post by First Grade Fairy Tales and my whole Angry Bird/Verb vision came to life.  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE student generated projects.  They make me happy and I loved how she had her kiddos actually cut out and assemble their own angry birds rather than color a picture.  This is where things got a little tricky for me though.  I could not find patterns for the life of me anywhere.  First Grade Fairy Tales explained that she just made the patterns and I thought okie dokie- I'll make my own patterns too.  Holy Cow!  They were much harder than I anticipated.   I did save my patterns to share with all of you, but as of right now they are packed in my classroom.  I will get those posted when I get back to school.  Ugh!  Can't. Even.Think.About.THAT!    The actual lesson was a hit.  The kiddos got to choose their favorite Angry Bird and write a story about their Angry Bird.  They also had to underline the verbs in their story.  Now I am fully aware that the little's work above is incorrect-- they meant to underline 'hit' instead of 'beach'.

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