Solids, Liquids and Gas!

It's finally here!  It's finally here.  We started our unit on Matter.  I LOVE this unit.  I mean I seriously LOVE this unit. We use Foss science kits in our district, but I supplement the kit with Hope King's Matter unit and I can't say enough about this fun unit.   I began the lesson by having the kiddos watch, Bill Nye the Science Guy's episode on solids, liquids and gas.  After the video I had the kids go back to their seat and find the Matter picture I had left under their name tag.  I used the pictures from Hope's unit.  As a class we discussed and sorted the pictures onto Solids, Liquids and Gas posters.  After we sorted the pictures together I gave each student a set of their own pictures and a flap book to sort their pictures into.  I hung the posters up so the students could reference them if needed.  They really enjoyed demonstrating their knowledge on the flap books.   

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