We've Gone Bat Crazy!

Our first order of business during our bat study was to figure out what we already knew about bats.  I loved the way Amy Lemons made her schema chart so I gave it a whirl too.   You can see my version on the left in the photo below.
Next, we generated a ton of questions we had about bats.  When I say a ton I mean a ton.  Their brains were working overtime.  So exciting!  We could officially jump into some very serious research now that we knew what we wanted to learn.  To start, each of my researchers were given a sentence about bats.  They needed to decide if their sentence was a fact or an opinion.  We sorted these sentences into the fact and opinion pocket charts.  You can see this in the photo above.  
Next, I gave each kiddo a short paragraph about bats.  The passage I used was from Amy Lemons (again). We went through the paragraph together highlighting the facts one color and opinions another color.  The kids made the bat craftivity to record one fact about bats and one opinion about bats.  I had them write their facts and opinions on stickies from the Dollar Tree and put them on their bat.  I think they turned out adorable.  
You can see these in the photo above.  You can see all these ideas on Amy's blog {here}. 

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