Genius Hour

Well I've decided to jump into Genius Hour.  I keep reading about all these wonderful experiences kiddos are having as they pursue their passion.  I have such an inquisitive group of second graders that I just have to give this a whirl.  So... whirl we are.  I kicked off Genius Hour with this fun video from Kid President. 

I just love that kid!  This was a great video for getting the kids excited and motivated to share their "wonderings."  
I gave each student a square of construction paper with their name at the top.  I decided to write their name all fancy at the top.  By "fancy" I mean with Sharpie.  I told them this was their very own Wondering Wall.  Which of course elicited many oohs and aaahs even though they had no idea what a Wondering Wall is.  I love their excitement.  I told them to just hang on because I was about to share something with them that would knock their socks off- colored sticky notes.  I know- minds were blown.  I gave every student 1 sticky and told them to write 1 "Wondering" on it.  They had to start the sentence with "I wonder..".  Once everyone had their first Wondering we shared them.  They came up with some great ones.  I handed out another sticky (different) color and told them to record another Wondering.  They could use a Wondering that someone else shared if they were inspired.  We shared these out and repeated the process for a total of 6 stickies and we got some excellent Wonderings.  The stickies were attached to their Wondering Wall (square of construction paper with fancy name).  I then had them get into pairs and decide on 1 Wondering to investigate together.  

They LOVED this.  Loved!  Once everyone had their question we read this great book.

That's as far as we have gotten on this endeavor.  I can't wait to see where this goes.  Stay tuned.

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