Ninja Math Fact Brag Tags

This year I have been using Amy Lemon's Ninja Fact Masters as my math fact fluency program and it has been AWESOME!  My kids are really kickin' those math facts (see what I did there?)  Ha!  They love moving up and earning a new belt for their ninja.
But.. one thing was missing--- BRAG TAGS!

I implemented Brag Tags into my classroom this year and they have been a hit.  Brag tags are a wonderful way to reward positive behavior and academic achievement in the classroom.  I use brag tags every single day and I wanted to use them with the Math Fact Ninjas so I created a set for both addition and subtraction facts.  There are math fact brag tags on TpT, but I really wanted to maintain the ninja theme.  If you are looking for ninja themed brag tags you can find mine {here}.

If you are new to brag tags, keep reading for some tips and tricks!

My students keep their brag tags on these chains.  I purchased mine from Amazon, but I'm sure you could make them if you are crafty.  I have seen the chain in bulk form at craft stores.  You can find my specific chains {here}.

I have my students choose a bead when they earn a brag tag.  The students love choosing beads and it helps to make the brag tags pop on the chains.

We keep our brag tags hung up all week.  The students only get to wear them on Fridays!
I have bunches and bunches of brag tags made up ahead of time and I store them in these containers.   Which you can see a better view above with the ninja tags.  Amazon sells these for $11.00 and I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 here.  They also have 1 large compartment to store the beads if you decide to go that route.  PERFECT!
Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy Brag Tagging!!

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