Trump Presidential Advice

There is no doubt about it.  Most of our country has a definite opinion about our last presidential election.  But, I was curious what my second graders thought and what they were hoping for.  When it comes right down to it, they aren't looking at party lines, agendas or even public opinion.  7 and 8 year olds have their own code of conduct that everyone should abide by and the president is no different.  As the inauguration approaches I thought I would gather my kiddos bits of advice for the new commander in chief.  I normally would do an anchor chart of some sort to get the ideas flowing.  I didn't do that for this activity.  I wanted to really get inside what they were thinking without any influence from peers and I am glad I did that.  They came up with some very valuable advice.  They are pretty excited that I will be sending these to our new president.  I love how they believe in their heart of hearts that their advice will help him in his new job.  I just hope he listens.

If you are interested in doing a similar project with your class you can grab this activity {here}.

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