Valentine's Day STEM

Nothing says, "Valentine's Day" like Lego Catapults!  Am I right?  The kiddos had so much fun.  I think this will become a Valentine's Day tradition in my classroom.  The kids were tasked with building a catapult that would launch the candy heart the furthest.  I started the activity by showing the students the basics of catapult construction and recommendation of bricks to use for the lever and basket to hold the heart in. I made up some tubs ahead of time that held a variety of rubberbands and the bricks I had used in my demonstration and then I set the kids on their way.  They worked in groups of 3 or 4 and that seemed to be the perfect amount.  I just loved listening to their conversations as they worked together to problem solve and build with a purpose.  Their catapults turned out great.

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