Easy Easter Invitations

Little Miss S has an Easter birthday and wanted to do an egg hunt with her friends this year.  We have done the egg hunt theme before and I wanted to do something a little different this year. I decided to get creative with the invitations.  I am a full time teacher, momma of two, wife, blogger, tpt'er so when I say creative I actually mean cute, easy and different then the norm.  Of course, I went to Pinterest first and found my inspiration piece and decided I needed to make it cheap and easy (story of my life).  Inside each of the plastic eggs are the actual birthday invitations cut into puzzle pieces.  As you can see here:

I think they turned out pretty cute and Little Miss S loves them.  If you are looking for cheap, easy Easter invitations then read on my friend.

Supplies needed:
Plastic Easter Eggs
2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 treat boxes.   These are the ones I used.  12 for $2.99
Gift wrap shredded filler paper. I normally make my own with my paper shredder at home, but I found some at Target in the clearance section so I went with that (I told you-easy)
Avery printable magnet paper.  I got mine at Walmart here.

The first thing I did was create an invitation on my computer and saved it as a jpeg.  Here's our invitation.

I printed these out on the magnetic printer paper.  I was able to feed these through my printer easily and that is saying something.  I have a very picky printer.  I was able to print 4 of them per sheet.
Once I had them printed I used a puzzle template on my Silhouette cameo to cut them out into puzzle pieces.  We stuffed the pieces into each egg and placed each egg into its cute pink box.

Once all the eggs were in their boxes we wrapped them with braided rope found in the Target $ section and I attached the silver glitter circles with the girls' name on the back.  The silver glitter circles are actually a banner from the Target $ section.  I just cut off the circles and they already had the holes for me to put the braided rope through, easy peasy and cheap!

Ready to pass out tomorrow!

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