Leprechaun Adverbs

Adverbs!  Honestly?! These sure can be tricky when you also have leprechaun enthusiasm exuding from every possible place leprechaun enthusiasm can exude from.  I decided to harness that leprechaun enthusiasm and turn our adverb lesson into a leprechaun adventure.  We started by sorting word cards by adverbs and not adverbs.  Once they had a firm understanding of adverbs they chose 8 adverbs from their sort and wrote them onto the 8 pieces of  orange construction paper strips.  Then we made our leprechauns.  Super cute.  After the leprechauns were assembled the students wrote a story about their leprechaun that used all 8 of the adverbs they had written on the beard strips.  We titled our stories The Adventures of Adverb Mc' or O' and their last names.  The kiddos had so much fun!!!!!  When their story was complete they highlighted their adverbs with a green highlighter.  I think they turned out adorbs and I know my kiddos have a great understanding of adverbs now.


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