Back to School Weekend Writing

Writing is always the subject at the top of my list of things to improve on.  Teaching writing is tricky to little people.  Another area that I struggle with is remembering to keep track of writing samples through the year.  Honest to Pete! I think I have finally hit on a system that works for me and just might work for you too.  WEEKEND WRITING!!  The kiddos love to talk about their weekend activities so it is a high interest topic.   I have the students write about their weekends every Monday morning.  It is the perfect way to start a sleepy Monday.  The kids write down 3 things they did over the weekend on their graphic organizer.  At the beginning of second grade I have them choose 1 thing to write about.  This prevents them from making a list of everything they did over the weekend and develop details that support a topic sentence.   I usually print mine for the whole year and bind them with the combing machine.  I always have them on hand for mini-lessons, work samples, conferences and data.  Boom! 

 I have a years worth of Weekend Writing in my TpT shop {here}.  Or you can accomplish the same thing with materials in your classroom.  Happy Writing!!

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