Shark Research

One of the kiddos' favorite part of Shark Week is becoming shark experts.  Well, better shark experts.  They already fancy themselves experts.  I decided to partner the kids up and assign a shark to each pair of students.  I was a little worried about assigning the sharks ahead of time, but honestly it went smooth because kids LOVE ALL SHARKS.  They began their research by watching a video specific to their shark type.  I included a QR code at the top of each research sheet.  The little researchers scanned their qr code and watched the video while filling out their research sheet.  This was great because they could stop the video to write things down or rewind if they needed.  Research that was individually paced.  Yay!
Some of the videos are shorter than others.  As students finished their video they went and checked out a shark book from our "shark library" to continue learning about their specific shark.  If you are interested in grabbing the shark research packet with qr codes for FREE?  Just click the photo below.

shark research

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