Lego Bag Building

As many of you know I also run our afterschool Lego club. I’m always on the look out for interesting Lego activities that will be new and different for the kiddos.  Well, my co-Lego teacher, Mr. M shared this fun idea and the kiddos had a blast. 

We used these Lego kits:

Each box has 3 different builds.  Mr. M pulled the Legos and instructions for each build and placed them in a baggie.  So.. each box will work for 3 separate builds.  

The students could take the instructions out of the bag, but NO Legos.  Students had to build the object by manipulating the Legos in the bag from the outside of the bag. 

They loved it and got pretty quick at it.  They were begging for more!!!

If I Could Turn Back Time...

If I could turn back time...

I wouldn’t have waited so long to integrate these super fun time teaching activities  nto my lessons.  Holy Cow! Game Changer!  My kiddos loved time headbandz.  One player put a digital time in their headband and their partner made the time on their analog clock.  The headband wearer read the time their partner made.  If the time they said matched the flash card in their headband they got to keep the card.  My kids loved this. Plus, there were lots of teachable moments between partners.  

time teaching activities

Looking for ‘oo’

Last week our sound was ‘oo’ as in look.  I have really enjoyed starting my phonics lessons with YouTube clips from the Electric Company.  I know I’m showing my age here, but I just love sharing these with my kiddos from “the old days.”  After the video we brainstormed ‘oo’ words for our anchor chart together.  

I found this adorable activity from Smitten with First.

Next up was making some special “lOOking glasses” filled with ‘oo’ words.

You can find the free template for these glasses right {here} from The Teacher Wife.  Then we went on a word Hunt with our new stylish frames.  The kiddos searched the school for words with the ‘oo’ sound we’re studying.  I copied them on to bright pink and hung them around the school beforehand.  The kiddos LOVED this.

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