Looking for ‘oo’

Last week our sound was ‘oo’ as in look.  I have really enjoyed starting my phonics lessons with YouTube clips from the Electric Company.  I know I’m showing my age here, but I just love sharing these with my kiddos from “the old days.”  After the video we brainstormed ‘oo’ words for our anchor chart together.  

I found this adorable activity from Smitten with First.

Next up was making some special “lOOking glasses” filled with ‘oo’ words.

You can find the free template for these glasses right {here} from The Teacher Wife.  Then we went on a word Hunt with our new stylish frames.  The kiddos searched the school for words with the ‘oo’ sound we’re studying.  I copied them on to bright pink and hung them around the school beforehand.  The kiddos LOVED this.

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