Lego Learning

Not only do I teach first grade, but I facilitate our afterschool lego club.  I am very fortunate to have this opportunity and the kids love it.  My hubby joins me and can usually be found building a new contraption for lego club, shopping for legos, or meeting with lego experts to get more ideas for our club.

We just completed the session on building towers.  The little lego learners were tasked with building the tallest tower they could in the allotted time.  The tower must be able to hold the Easy Button (the one from Staples) at the top of their tower.  I need to be able to push the button down and release it without the tower falling.  There is something about hearing "that was easy" bellowing from the button that just makes the tower challenge even more exciting.

The students always use a variety of strategies to build their towers and each group explains their strategy at the end of the session.  It is amazing how some of these kiddos think.  The students are encouraged to ask questions of each group and learn from each other.

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